How To Start A Lawn Service Business


Want To Start Mowing Lawns For Money? Want To Start A Lawn Service Business?

See How I Turned A $20 Investment Into A $70,000 Per Year Job!

Everyone feels bad for the poor guy riding that lawnmower in the middle of the summer when it’s 90 degrees out. For some of them, you probably should. If they’re not sure how to do it, they’re probably not going to last. However, most guys who start a lawn service business are mowing lawns for money and making a lot of it!

How much money cutting grass? I can show you how 1 guy with the right setup can easily clear over $500 a day! Yes I said $500 a day. That’s more than a whole lot of folks make in a week! If that’s not good enough for you, read this article. This guy built his lawn service business into a multi-million dollar per year company with 100s of employees and sold it to another company which does almost 1 BILLION per year!

Why Would Anyone Want Learn How To Start A Lawn Service Business?

        1. The money stupid! Isn’t $500 per day good enough for you?
        2. Easy startup. It doesn’t take long. Give me your email and I’ll tell you how I started for $20
        3. Time off. Grass doesn’t grow year round. I live in Florida and the growing season is only 5-6 months long!
        4. Growth potential. First, you learn how to start a lawn service and just cut grass. Then you can expand into landscape design. Fertilizer treatment. Pest management. You get the idea. Your business grows just like the grass!



I know.. you’re probably just like all the rest. “You can’t get rich cutting grass”. Don’t jump to that conclusion so quickly. Read this story about a multi-million dollar lawn service business in Florida that started out mowing lawns for money. This company was doing over $12 million per year (yes, I said million) If that isn’t shocking enough….they were bought by a national company that was doing over $900 million per year (that’s almost a billion!) After reading that, $500 per day sounds like chump change doesn’t it? Keep in mind, they had to start that lawn business somewhere. They all started with 1 guy mowing lawns for money. He quickly realized he could start a lawn service business and earn some serious cash just by mowing the neighbor’s lawn.   Years ago, a very wealthy friend told me, “find something that makes a buck then figure out how to do it over and over again, faster and faster”. This holds true for any successful business. Be it selling pizzas, painting houses or mowing lawns.   Listen…I know it sounds like hard work. Don’t get me wrong. It is. When you first start out, you have to be prepared for hard work. Most guys start with beginner equipment and they can’t take it. They don’t like to sweat and never learned how to start a lawn service. They’d would rather sit at home and watch the game. Guess what? There are 1000s of guys just like that. THOSE GUYS are your customers! Since THEY would rather be sitting inside watching the game….YOU start mowing their lawns for money!   If you still doubt that you can make money mowing lawns, go visit a commercial lawn mower dealer. Be prepared for sticker shock. These ain’t no Lawnboy mowers. My last mower purchased in 2011 was around $14,000! That machine is a Grasshopper 321D with a 52″ deck and a Kubota diesel engine. I added a couple extras that I needed but it was still close to $12K without those add ons. The reason these things are so expensive is they are money machines! They are built for one thing. Mow lawn precisely and quickly. That particular machine is rated to cut about 4 acres per hour! Let’s do some quick math:

        • 1 acre = 43,560 square feet



      • Typical lot size for residential home in suburban Florida is 7000 square feet (70×100 lot size)



      • Typical home size is around 2000 square feet



      • Grass to mow is usually less than 5000 square feet



      • That means in an acre of suburbs you usually have around 8 homes


        That Grasshopper money machine, in theory, could cut 4 times that per hour!! Boy! wouldn’t that be sweet! 32 yards per hour. The reality is not that sweet. However, it’s still very good. In my most strategically arranged areas, I do cut about 6 lawns per hour using that machine.  

  Wait! Don’t be scared away. Just because my machine was more than some new cars, doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to start a lawn service and start mowing lawns for money. I didn’t start with that machine, I actually started with $20 and a crazy idea to “test” something.   Signup And Learn How $20 Became $70,000  

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  After I did that, I did some math and made some purchases. My first mower was a 21″ Toro commercial lawn mower. The difference between that and a hardware store machine is speed. It was self propelled and moved faster than I could keep up with. I quickly realized what my friend had said was true! “Find something that makes a buck and do it over and over and faster and faster”   My tiny Toro quickly became a 32″ Toro. That quickly switched to a 44″ Grasshopper and then up to a 52″ Grasshopper. For my accounts, the 52″ machine was the best fit. I’ve been running 52″ Grasshopper mowers for years now and swear by them!   If you’re really interested in mowing lawns for money and starting a lawn service business, let’s talk. The information you’re about to get is FREE and if you do what I did, you’ll quickly find out if you should even waste your time with it.

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